So my brother and his wife have decided that they too will be joining slimming world. I would like to think this is in some small part due to see the success that my wife and I have enjoyed since we started in August of last year. In talking with him about how he is planning to start and what he is doing I realised there were some common areas of confusion that seem to crop up.

Now part of the reason for me doing this blog is one thing I learned at work is documentation is key. It lets you look back and see what you were thinking at the time and how things may have changed, it lets you keep better perspective and mindful of those goals you had when you started. As such I am going to start posting some of the highlights of my journey so far starting with… The Start!!

A not so long time ago in a Slimming World group far far away…

My wife had decided in August that enough was enough and it was time to loose weight! Both me and my wife have life affecting health issues due to our weight and as our son (just turned 1 yr at the time) was just starting to walk we wanted to be able to keep up with him! We had attempted many diets and my wife wanted to go to Slimming World.

The first plan was that she would go with her sisters while I would do my own thing to cut down and exercise a bit more however at the last minute her sisters had decided to join Weight Watchers :O Now I was somewhat ignorant of the details of either plan but while I am sure I am over simplifying the essence of Weight Watchers seems about a more or less calorie limited diet, essentially portion control. Previously I had always done very badly at such diets as had my wife so Weight Watchers was not for us.

So it was that I found my self on the 22nd August going to my first Slimming World meeting with my wife to support her as she started her weight loss journey. I was not sure if I would join and I don’t think my wife expected me to; she was just happy for me to go with her.

So I sat through the new starters talk and asked a few questions and to be honest I had zero faith that it would work and thought it was a lot of half truths and assumptions. The best example being that you could have unlimited free foods and you would loose weight! I just could not believe it! Now there was a provision made that a third of your intake had to be made of speed foods but that I could still eat as much as I wanted.

With other diets there was always some logic behind it that had been explained to me, a science to the process that could be researched and I felt made sense, calorie control seems obvious if you eat less calories than you use you loose weight! I’d done zero carb diets and the idea was if you have no carbs your body goes into ketosis that is a state where you are unable to store excess energy as fat and all energy you use is fat. There were little urine test strips you could use to see when you were in ketosis and there were many sources on the web that backed this up.

Now being a type 2 diabetic I had avoided having too many carbs when I could so being told eat all the pasta, rice, potatoes as you want seemed like lunacy I was sure I would pass out from having hypers or some such and just get fatter!! And even though I had to stuff my face with kilos of carrots while eating those carbs (carrots are my speed food of choice) I thought what are those carrots really going to do!

So I gave up; that is I gave up on understanding the science behind it. I looked at it from another angle. I would follow exactly what the plan said and I would make it my mission to eat as much past and potatoes and rice as I could with fields of carrots mixed in and if I was to loose weight then it works and if it doesn’t well… so far nothing else had so I hadn’t really lost much. So began my Slimming World Journey!

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