So there it was my first week food diary!

For those that are familiar with Slimming World you will notice a few issues… I of course did not eat one million syns at my parents party… ┬áProlly only had 400 :O … Butter is not a healthy extra :/ … However I did loose 4.5lb in my first week and generally ate as much as I wanted. A couple of times I was caught without something suitable to eat or was travelling and having to try and select something to eat from a services.

The key things I had to focus on was drinking plenty of water, eatting plenty of speeds (this first week was mostly apples) but overall I think this first week was not very comfortable. So many habits of what I thought I should be eating or reaching for and just not knowing the syn values of most foods I usually ate or to be honest what was free and what was speedy. I had always shied away from eating too many apples but these were speedies and I had always searched for free foods on many diets however there had never been such a thing… The idea of celery being negative energy food (you burn more calories chewing than you get from it) is just not true! Now here was a list of free food and anything that was marked S I could just eat as much as I wanted!

To be honest I was still not convinced at this stage that the diet worked! When I looked at what I had eaten I could see it was clearly healthier and I had not really managed to eat loads of carbs as I had planned at the new starters group. 4.5lb sounds like a lot but at 22st8lb I could have easily chalked this up to being slightly less hydrated than last week.

Sill I was happy to have lost some weight if not convinced that it was true weight loss and sticking to the plan had not been too painful. My wife had lost a lot more than me and so I was quite happy moving into week two!

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