Weekly update 19/12/2015

The Christmas Work Party!

So as one of the dreaded weeks has come and now past I am able to reflect on party week and the impact on my weight loss!

Firstly this week came in at a 1.5 lb loss so good! Since I started Slimming World back in August I have managed to have a loss most weeks and a few maintains! This week I was that person, as I queued up for weigh in I was talking to Marie (our group leader) bemoaning how this would be the first week I would have a gain! So I will be honest I was somewhat surprised at this result.

 Looking back at the week I should have had a bit more confidence. The rest of the week had been food optimised with plenty of fluids and speed foods, I had resisted the increasing levels of Christmas goodies that had shown up. Whilst I had partaken of a few mince pies (plus a disappointing rogue apple pie that had been slipped on the plate 😱) I had counted them in my syns! And since sworn off the 12.5 syns for a Tesco deep filled!!

For the actual Party itself although there was a free bar I had already decided alcohol was not how I wanted to spend any syns! So I had decided in lieu of knowing what I would be served (from a syn perspective) that I would simply eat my allocated portion and take the consequences. I think what saved my waistline was the very small (normal 😵) portions.

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