Soooo I have not had a chance to go to the cinema recently but I made a point to go and see Star Wars: The Force Awakens; it was Epic!!

However in contemplating my trip I was wondering how to deal with the popcorn problem…

Well normally (read before slimming world) I would have had a large salted popcorn (~40syns), a large nachos with cheese and jalapeƱos (-37 syns) and a large diet cola (free!). I would also have this as my dinner although often went for a McDonald’s supper after the film finished (~million syns).

So I talked about it with my wife and came up with a plan! I would have a large portion of smash with baked beans and some vegetables for breakfast so I would be quite full going to the cinema (we had selected a 10:45am showing so it’d be quiet) and then have nachos while there no popcorn and try not to eat all the nachos!

Naturally this plan failed and to leav on time I skipped breakfast šŸ˜±. So a new plan was formed and we had a subway salad for breakfast at only 1.5syns for the sweet onion sauce with all the salad and three double meats!

I then decided that I would allow myself the flexisyns today for the popcorn and so I’m aiming for 50 flex syns today as my new goal.

Hopefully when it comes to the weigh in i won’t be sad :(.

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