So there was the popcorn cinema, the family Christmas dinner and finally Christmas Day itself featuring a breakfast with my parents and dinner with my in-laws…

I had been weighing myself throughout the week and I was pleasantly surprised to be expecting a loss, got to weigh in and not only a loss but my biggest for a month! 3.5 pound off and smashing through my 3st award!!

Looking back at this week I had optimised for every meal I could, I chose the most optimised options from menus when eating out and for the Christmas breakfast we’d asked my Dad to get 1/2 syn sausages which was the only non-free item we had (we had trimmed bacon, baked beans, scrambled egg and some HE toast). For Christmas dinner the only syns were the gravy as we’d made subs for the potatoes with the veg being speed foods for the rest and the meat being lean.

Now I think as there was so much sub-optimal food about I had been a bit hungrier this week with it being hard for me to judge between true hunger and cravings I had just not had much to eat between meals. Also being Christmas week I probably skipped a few meals too as there just was not enough time!

The main thing I believe I did this week was to just not eat more than one of anything if I did eat a treat. And generally I managed to not have dessert most meals when there was so much tempting on offer.

By sating my hunger on free foods and then only allowing myself one chocolate or a single small portion of nuts for example I managed to stay on plan and make progress!

Now the last hurdle is Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve!! I have currently stopped drinking (personally alcohol is not where I want to use my syns) so I am expecting this to be the downhill slope of my Christmas challenge.

Again only time will tell but today I am feeling good about my weight loss!

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