So… Well I had lots of good food the last week! Weighing in at a gain of 4.5lbs I must say I am surprisingly happy with the result. Since my start in August I have had constant weight loss each week with a single maintain so today was my first gain. I had been dreading today somewhat both as specifically this day as I know I had not optimised well this week but also the day that I would have a gain. I had feared that it would be very disheartening and would cause me to doubt sticking to plan.

At first I was worried that my weight loss was temporary and would ounce back however with last week giving me a total loss of 3st2.5lb I am still at 2st12lb loss overall and know I have definitely lost weight and food optimising works. While 4.5lb gain sounds a lot I am looking at the two week shift, over the two weeks I have had a net gain of 1lb and when I think back over the two weeks my original goal was to gain no more than 6lb (when at target there is a+- 3lb swing allowance soI figured once at target I could drop 3lb below and swing to 3lb up over Christmas and still be at target).

Now it is back to full optimisation and trying to figure out if now is the time to start body magic!

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