So I have been asked for some more posts relating to how I eat on the go.

In my job I have to travel quite a lot and even when I am heading into the office I cannot be sure there will be a safe lunch option for me there. So my strategy is to pop into Tesco on the way out. Now there is a lot of food in Tesco but I have some special requirements.

1) Of course the first thing is that I want the food to be free from syns! If you plan well or are good at portion control (I am horrible at portion control) then maybe you go for low syn options however this is not for me.

2) I have limited resources to prepare food, basically none, so whatever I get needs to be ready to eat and ideally come with it’s own fork!

3) Speedies!! Yes speedies… This is probably something I need to post about in it’s own right but just to say any meal you plan needs to include at least 1/3 speeds.

4) Filling! At the same time nothing but speed foods I personally find to have very limited filling power so I need to grab some Ps and some just plane free food.

Now having all these requirements initially was something of a pain so sometimes I would think… I’ll just skip breakfast and see what I can find later… At best this has left me feeling really hungry and at worst has resulted in me eating car food! {Car food is anything in the car I can possibly eat … Usually this is the boxes of Hifi bars we bought at our last meeting that I have yet to take in}

So let’s look at yesterday and today as an example of what I picked up! Of course you could use buy the same with your weekly shop however this requires organisation and foresight 🙁

Yesterday :

  1. Carrot Batons[S]! These I eat like you’d eat crisps, snacking on the all day, I ate three bags of these breaking the 2KG mark on carrot consumption yesterday (600g bags plus we had carrots with dinner).
  2. Apples[S], 12 of these as snacks.
  3. Chicken Tikka Pieces [P], Ps are more filling but just make sure you look up the particular pack you are buying to make sure it is a P and free… Not all flavoured meats will be free and some can have many syns.
  4. White Grapes [Free] most fruits are speedies however grapes are not, I had three packs of these as they were half price. Now the grapes are only included as I already have picked up a lot of speedie, if you just had the grapes to snack on this would not be properly optimised as they are only free and not speedie. Sometimes I would have bananas instead of grapes again being careful not to let my speedie food ratio drop too low! (Bananas are free not speedies)
  5. Celery [S] , I like it but I didn’t really need anymore speedies added to the mix this was just for the Crunch!
  6. Sweet Chilli Cottage Cheese: Free and somewhat tasty.


  1. Carrots, Celery, Apples, Grapes! (As yesterday)
  2. I took the Cottage cheese in to work and used the celery as a crunchy spoon to eat it!
  3. Mug Shots! All the 1% [at the time of writing] are free but best to check this with the syns online tools. These need very little prep just a mug and hot water (not even a mug if you get the on the go ones).

Final point hydration! Again this will probably get it’s own post later by fluid intake is key to weight loss and feeling well. Depending on your size and diet you will require different levels of fluids. My wife found that as she tends not to drink much at all she was always mildly dehydrated and switching to SW Food Optimising the lack of fluid intake was hampering her weight loss and starting to make her feel mildly unwell, such as headaches.

I personally like to drink a lot of fluids and tend to sip all day long. I was told by my dietician that I should make use I have plenty of water when I increased my “Healhty Food” intake as these needed lots of flushing through the system.

While water is generally agreed as the best thing to drink and no doubt I would be better off drinking nothing but water… personally I find that diet soda is fine as is weak (read normal uk) coffee, tea and even sugar free energy drinks. I say personally as I seem much less affected by caffeine than my wife and drinking a monster has almost no effect on me, I’m sure for some the caffeine could be a bad idea!

So that is a lot of food no doubt almost anyone would think… And I know most people that are loosing weight with SW don’t eat anywhere near as much speed food in a day however this is what I do as it ticks all the boxes first noted… Easy to eat, no prep needed, etc and I don’t need to worry  about having at least 1/3 speed if almost everything is speedie!!



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