And sew it continues…

A quick update for now. So this week saw me loose 2.5 lbs. Am generally happy with that. If I’m honest, I did want a couple more. Sometimes I feel a bit lost when I’m not sure why I have haven’t lost as much as the week before …when all I did this week was replicate last weeks menu when I lost 7lbs!

On reflection, I don’t think I ate enough speedies! I didn’t plan and have bulk cooked food for lunches – definite danger zone for me. I also am going to try and focus on having at least 5 syns a day rather than 2 or 3 some days.

Craving chocolate so badly tonight. Hormonal and emotional food cravings. First night of trying our baby boy in his own room. I think I am the one feeling separation anxiety!  I raise this point as I feel it is important that we acknowledge and address emotional eating. It definitely plays a big part in my weight loss journey. I think it’s really important that we take time out to recognise our triggers and patterns to our behaviour that cause an emotional response to our eating food, and then use that insight to put different coping mechanisms in place, rather than reaching for comfort food as an emotional crutch.

Use each other for support. Hubby really helped me tonight. I felt like throwing away today and just stuffing my face with chocolate. Decide on a level of support that you would like from each other when you need a bit of help – Whether it be a gentle reminder or a bit more of a stricter reminder!

Sweetdreams. Onwards and downwards! 😉




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