To Weigh or Not to Weigh…

So who weighs themselves?

I do!

In group there is sometimes discussion and always split opinion on should you weigh yourself at home?

Most seem to feel that you should not or maybe it’s ok to weigh yourself once a week if for some reason you cannot make group.

Others weigh themselves a few times between group weigh ins and often have a tale of sadness as they either think they have gained, go off plan a little, then come in with a 1lb loss and curse themselves for going off plan as otherwise that would have been at least 2lb off!!

Personally I weigh myself a lot! Basically as often as I go to the bathroom (where the scales are!) and I feel you need to really understand your weight fluctuations to avoid the “Oh Yeah 11lb off this week even though I ate cake! CAKE EVERY WEEKY NOW!!!” To “I followed plan exactly !!! eXACTLY!?! Why did I get a maintain!”

For example I weighed myself after dinner on Friday, my weighins are in Saturday morning, and I weighed myself before group and I had lost 10lb! Now some may think “Broken Scales” etc but as I do this every week I know this is what typically happens.

I know I weigh more before bed than the morning (by multiple pounds) and that drinking a pint of fluid will make you gain 1lb of weight!

So to clarify I don’t mean a true 1lb you are fatter gain! I am not saying don’t drink!! It is simple maths, a pint of water weighs one pound. If you put that inside yourself you have gained one pound. As your breathe water vapour and CO2 leave your body (along with sweet of course) and you loose weight. But if you weigh yourself, drink a pint of water and then weigh yourself again you will weigh one pound more!!

So for dinner if I have three pints of calorie free drink plus am eating around 3lbs of food, I will gain 6lbs!

Now this is not fat increasing true weight gain. And in four to eight hours I know that it’s coming all back out but it is important to know that your weight will swing up and down by many pounds each day, in my case 10lb or more, and you need to therefore weigh yourself at the same point of that swing to see what your true weight change is.

I know that for me the most stable results are from getting up, going to the toilet, then weighing myself naked! I make sure my scales are in exactly the same position and I have a fairly decent pair of scales. I also know that naked I show as one pound heavier at home to when I weigh in at group. If anything breaks this routine then I know that I cannot have full confience in my weigh in.

A couple of months ago I had a very low 0.5lb weight loss one week and 5lb the next. I did the same both weeks as for being on plan but the first week I couldn’t sleep and stayed up watching TV until 03:30 eating carrot sticks and drinking diet fizz. So really I lost 3lbish each week but that late night eating just meant there was more in process food inside me for the first weigh in!!

My main point is though that even a weekly weigh in has the problem that if you cannot poo before group then you are hold a couple of pound in! So never feel too good or too bad about one weeks result and look at your last four weeks! If you’ve lost what you want to average in the last four weeks and you honestly have been following plan sometimes you will get blips!

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