Weekly Update 2016 01 23

2.5 lb on!! This is my first problem gain. I say problem gain as my first gain was over Christmas when I ate lots of Christmas food so I was expecting a gain and had even planned to have a gain.

This week was my second gain since joining SW but the first where I had stuck to plan all week… Or at least I thought I had.

So what went wrong! Welllll first thought, I was up late eating and drinking. I was drinking zero calorie soft drinks and eating a few syn free yogurts but as I went to bed quite late I know is broken my routine and filed up my digestive track wit there being not enough time to empty it. My next though was that I had done a lot (for me) of exercises this week and that can cause a distribution, so everyone in group has said when they have started body magic, and I could see there being some logic to this.

My final though was that basically I was having too many syns!

The first two thoughts I know are valid but only for one week… If I am a little backed up then next week I’ll get a double loss of 5-6lb. If the exercise caused a blip, or something else, then next week I’ll get a typical 2-3lb off. If I get a maintain or gain then I need to go back to a food diary and figure it out!

I know how volatile my weight can be so I prefer to not over react to a single weeks result… Even if it’s a big loss… So install wait and see…

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