So what has been happening!?! 4lb off this week which while good I had D&V last weekend and missed group so that “helped.”

Well I have lost a little focus and while still on plan have had a few too many cheats I feel and this is reflected in my weight loss … Or lack there of.

Effectively I have maintained for two months but this week I am now back to a new lower weight since I started my journey and have two big milestones coming up firstly the not so big 3.5 stone loss… 2.5 lbs away!! And secondly being 18 stone!! Not 18 stone exactly but in the 18s (18stn13.5lb) :O :O Being 18 something is the lowest I have been as an adult … Now OK in my 20s (age here not stone!) I had briefly pipped to 17st13lb however I was on the Atkins diet and gained 1/2 stone the day I came off of it so I don’t really count that. However it has been a very long time since I say 18 looking at me from the scales so while 3.5stn lost will be a big achievement in absolute terms the 18 on the scales is something that emotionally will be much more impactful!

This then leads me on to something I see in image therapy sometimes about visualising yourself a target… Well the last time I was a target with regards to my weight I as 3 :O and I have no idea what a target weight me looks like… So hopefully this is something I will be starting to find out!

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